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Default My Test/Tren/Dbol/Winny Cycle results With Before and After Pics

Hey Everyone,

I just finished a test/tren/dbol/winny cycle and wanted to share my experience and also post my before and after pictures. For those of you who never read my previous thread on this cycle I'll outline it below;

Weeks 1-14 Test E 500mg
weeks 1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
Weeks 5-12 Tren E 400mg
Weeks 8-12 Winny 50mg ED
Weeks 1-14 Arimidex .25mg EOD
Day 1 200 Clomid 40 Nolvadex
Day 2-11 50 Clomid 20 Nolvadex
Day 12-21 20 Nolvadex

Before I started this cycle I was hospitalized with horrible pnuemonia, I missed 6 weeks in the gym and put on a lot of body fat. I had 2 goals, 1 to put on some lost mass, 2 bring back my lean condition. My first day in the gym bench pressing 135lbs was tough and I was shaking through every rep. 2 weeks in my body woke up and my strength started to come back. By the end I could rep 225 20 times, 275 10 times, and 315 4 times.

In my Before pictures I was approximatly 240lbs with 12-13% body fat. I followed a 3 stage diet and in the final week I depleted carbs and water. Before I cut water I weighed 236lbs with 6% body fat, I had read before I attempted this to stay away from sodium rich foods until I was back up to 1 gallon of water a day....I was craving pizza so I ignored it, pizza lead to multiple other binge foods and I gained 21lbs in 4 days! Anyway I stablized and learned a lesson.

Overall the cycle did exactly what i wanted it to do, I did end up with some sides. Currently I am battling acne on my face and shoulders from my pct which I hope subsides in the next couple weeks. I have seemed to recover ok, I havent had any blood work done, but my strength is still about 85% of what it was and I weigh 239lbs...I'll take it.
Attached Images
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Great results man hell of a cycle. Lean as hell man lookin good congrats!
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Old 05-17-2011, 03:22 PM   #3
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great f'n def put in the work and the gear is def real!
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Old 05-18-2011, 09:20 AM   #4
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you look great man you can def tell you put in the work
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Originally Posted by drob29 View Post
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can def see that you worked your ass off, hell of a job man. What did your diet and workout look like?
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Job well done Bro.
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Very nice!
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Ya bro u lookin good. The first 3 pox were before? And last one after?
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Awesome bro,

What more can you ask of in a 14 weeks cycle. Would love to see the diet and workout routine.
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