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Does ashop have references?
Of course. ashop has been conducting business for over 7 years, and in that time has amassed more than a few references of note, both on the internet and off. Phil Hernon, who is an IFBB Pro, is one of our references. He can usually be found on The owner of that site, another ashop reference- Andrei C.- is also an IFBB Pro, and owns that site as well as The MesoRx Owner/administrator is another ashop reference, and can be found on FLEX, the Anabolex moderator is one of our references, and can be reached through, as can BIGWILL, another anabolex moderator. HUCK < > is also a Moderator on Anabolex who is a satisfied Customer of ours, and can be reached via his e-mail, on where he is a moderator on -as well as many other boards/ SUPERIOR1 <> who is a mod on several boards such as, and is also one of our references. In addition, ashop is an approved source on: and is listed proudly by EliteFitness as a legitimate source for anabolics in their publication: "The Secrets of Mail Order Steroid Success" published on web by: Finally, it goes without saying that the entire staff of will all vouch for ashop's integrity.

What is the MINIMUM order amount?
The minimum order is $200USD + shipping costs. The reason ashop has a minimum order is so we are able to provide both first-rate service as well as unsurpassed packing. After doing alot of research and careful consideration, we feel $200 is a very fair and reasonable amount. Taking orders any less could affect our quality of service which we pride ourself on.

Can I order online?
Yes, of course. This is the preferred method.

Why is ordering online the preferred method?
In order to better process your requests, interactions with the ashop e-mails and the ashop board and website are all networked together. This allows our customer service department to process orders efficiently and quickly, and insures the best customer service possible.

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